You can donate online using your Credit/Debit Card. Click on the appropriate ‘Donate’ box and you will be taken to a secure donation page.

Where Most Need

Your donation will be utilised where currently there
is the greatest need.

Orphans & Widows

Your donation will be utilised to support orphans &
widows who are need.

Water Wells

Your donation will be utilised to provide much
needed clean water.


Your donation will be utilised where currently there
is the greatest need.

Global Support Trust was established nearly 10 years ago, with the main focus being to ensure correct distribution of Zakat according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. Since then every year distribution of Zakat has been personally monitored by trustees.

This year, due to COVID 19 affecting international travel, trustees will not be able to travel out and distribute funds personally. So we have taken the difficult decision to not accept Zakat donations this year as we do not feel comfortable either sending out large amounts abroad or holding on to your donation. Please forgive us for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Please try and support us with Sadaqah donations. May Allaah Azawajal accept all your good deeds, and protect you and your family. Ameen


Your donation will be utilised according to the rules
for Zakat distribution.

Aqiqah & Sadaqah Qurbani

Your donation will be utilised to carry out and
distribute Qurbani meat.

Riba (Interest)

Dispose of your Riba (Interest).

Make your donation
(at no extra cost to you)
Complete a

Donate direct to our bank account.

Donations can be sent to our Barclays Bank Account shown below:
Beneficiary: Global Support Trust
Bank Sort Code: 20-45-45
Account No: 03660354

Donate regularly by Monthly Standing Order.

You can set up a monthly standing order to GST by calling your bank, giving them our bank details, and telling them the amount you would like to donate each month. If applicable, please remember to complete an online GIFT AID form.

Donate by Cheque.

Please make cheque payable to
Global Support Trust and post to:

Global Support Trust
PO Box 10683