GST Zakat Fund

At Global Support Trust we take the responsibility of Zakat distrubition very seriously. This was one of the core reasons why the charity was set up. All beneficiaries are meticulously assessed, and distribution is strictly according to the Qur’an & Sunnah. We follow the principle of transfer of ownership of Zakat funds.

We use Zakat funds to support individuals internationally as well as here in the UK. Zakat are distributed via the projects listed below according to need. We are unable to specify a specific project for zakat donations. 

How We Distribute Zakat

Emergency Aid
Food distribution in Ramadan
Direct funds to needy individuals
Support for educational costs for orphans
Dawah activities in the UK

Unfortunately nowadays, we are coming across many individuals and families here in the UK who are in desperate need of help. We operate a strict vetting procedure to ensure beneficiaries are eligible to receive zakat.

In the UK Zakat is also used to produce and distribute information about the Islamic faith (Physical and Online).

The criteria is very strict and all distribution is personally supervised by our trustees. We only support those in most need and who are, or are on the verge of being destitute, i.e. those who lack the very basic necessities such as food, clothing and suitable shelter. Many individuals we come across are not entitled to benefits.

Please donate and help us to fulfil our obligation to our brothers and sisters around the world and in the UK who are in need.