Welcome to Global Support Trust

We are a registered charity working both in the UK and internationally.  We welcome your support in the form of donations, fundraising or any other way you feel you can help.

We have a ‘no fuss’ policy- we like to get the job done, keeping you updated whilst ensuring as much of your money goes towards the project as possible. Our accounts are open to scrutiny and we welcome donors visiting any of our projects.

“Whoever takes care of an Orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this”

 The Prophet (PBUH) held two fingers close together –

Orphans & Widows

GST has a varied range of projects which are aimed at supporting widows and orphans. We provide monthly support to orphans as well as one off projects such as our house building program, and annual Ramadan food distribution project.

GST has an ongoing project where we are building permanent homes for orphaned children. Just £7500 can build a new home for a widow and her orphaned children. Many of the new homes have been paid for by individual donors or families.

Contaminated water supplies are one of the main causes of disease in many regions. GST is providing much needed clean water in Asia and Africa. We build Water Wells suitable for larger communities. These are electric and include a storage tank.

Bespoke Project Management