Orphan Support Program

One of our main objectives is to support orphaned children worldwide. We have provided support to orphans (and widows) in Egypt, Tanzania, The Gambia, Zanzibar, Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan & Morocco.

We pay monthly for the education, food, clothing, medical and other related expenses for the children.

100% Sponsorship Program
On average it costs £25 per month to support a child, but we do not have a set figure which we expect donors to pay each month. Many traditional sponsorship programs offer the donor regular photos and reports about the child, the cost of producing this information is deducted from the donation (this can be as high as 25% of the donation).

At GST we ask donors to donate whatever figure they are comfortable donating each month, whether it is £5 or £100. We guarantee that 100% of your donation will be spent on the child, but we will not issue any regular photos and reports. This means we can keep administration costs to a minimum, and support more children with your donation.

Please consider supporting the children with either a one off donation or setting up a regular monthly standing order.